How Forensic Investigations Benefit Small Businesses

How Forensic Investigations Benefit Small Businesses
Zachary J. Montgomery JD, CPA, CFE
Written By: Zachary J. Montgomery, JD, CPA, CFE
Managing Member
Published On: 
January 29, 2023

For small business owners, the risk of financial fraud is always a concern. To protect your company and its finances, it’s important to be proactive with forensic investigations. These investigations uncover fraud and provide operational controls and solutions that will help you prevent future problems. Let’s look at some common types of financial fraud and how forensic investigations can help mitigate them.

Employee Skimming

One of the most common forms of financial fraud is employee skimming. This type of fraud occurs when an employee takes money from the business for their own personal gain without authorization. To reduce the risk of this happening, forensic investigators can examine records and systems to detect any irregularities that could be signs of skimming activity. They can also recommend policies or procedures to better protect your business from potential financial losses due to this type of fraud.

Data Breaches

Data breaches are another major source of financial loss for businesses, especially smaller businesses who may not have the resources or technological protection in place to prevent them from occurring. Forensic investigators can help small businesses detect data breaches by examining computer networks and databases for signs that they have been compromised or accessed without authorization. This helps to identify any potential risks, so that appropriate measures can be taken to protect against further losses or damage caused by a breach.

Fraudulent Activities

Forensic investigators can also help small businesses uncover fraudulent activities, such as: embezzlement, kickbacks, money laundering, or other illegal activities that could potentially cause major financial losses if left unchecked. By examining records and systems for any irregularities or discrepancies, these experts can detect suspicious activities before they become more serious issues for the business’s bottom line. They can then provide suggestions on how best to prevent further occurrences in the future as well as offering advice on what steps should be taken if an incident has already occurred.


Forensic investigations are essential in helping small businesses protect themselves from financial loss due to fraud or malicious activity. These investigations allow businesses to uncover fraudulent activities before they become too serious, while also providing operational controls and solutions that will help keep their finances secure in the long run. Investing in forensic investigation services is an effective way for small businesses to safeguard their assets and minimize their risks associated with potential financial losses caused by internal or external threats.

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Zachary J. Montgomery JD, CPA, CFE
Written By: Zachary J. Montgomery, JD, CPA, CFE
Managing Member
Published On: 
July 5, 2023
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