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Your legal needs are our mission! Guided by both an attorney and a CPA, our team dedicates itself to delivering professional and personalized legal services, from business planning to tax preparation.

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Comprehensive Tax Solutions

Strategic Tax Planning
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Our strategic tax planning services at Provident Legal Counsel aim to align your financial aspirations with robust tax strategies. With a deep understanding of tax code and your financial goals in mind, our attorney and CPA-led team works diligently to minimize your tax liability, maximize your wealth, and safeguard your future.

Tax Preparation (Business & Personal Income Tax Returns)
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Zachary J. Montgomery, JD, CPA, CFE, a certified public accountant (CPA) and experienced attorney, is your trusted partner for tax preparation needs. Zachary combines his background in both law and accounting to deliver precise and meticulous tax preparation services for businesses and individuals alike. His in-depth knowledge of tax law helps in maximizing all available benefits and meeting all tax obligations.

Resolving Tax Controversies and Litigation
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Tax disputes can be overwhelming. Committed to advocating for your rights and navigating the complex landscape of tax litigation, our team focuses on achieving fair resolutions. We work tirelessly to protect your interests, offering you much-needed peace of mind.

Business / Estate Planning For Your Peace of Mind

Effective Business Planning
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Take control of your business's future with our business planning services. We provide comprehensive support in business formation, structuring, and ongoing planning to facilitate your business's growth and success. Our attorney and CPA-led skill in drafting robust contracts safeguards your interests in all business transactions. Moreover, our ongoing legal services and business consulting offer constant insightful advice and legal protection.

Secured Estate Planning
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Our extensive estate planning services help secure the future of your loved ones. From estate planning packages to crafting wills and trusts, we guide you in making optimal decisions for your family. Our services also include drafting powers of attorney and vital medical documents, covering all aspects of your estate planning needs. Our primary goal is to offer you peace of mind, knowing your family's future is protected.

Other Services catering to Your Unique Needs

Forensic Investigations You Can Trust
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Untangle complex financial mysteries with our forensic investigation services. We conduct comprehensive financial examinations and provide clear, court-ready reports. Our investigative approach, backed by legal and financial experience, promotes accuracy, completeness, and credibility in all investigations.

Real Estate Transactions
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Boost your real estate investments with our real estate services. We offer strategic advice to structure your investments, maximizing returns and managing potential risks. Moreover, our experience extends to drafting and reviewing lease agreements, making every transaction sound, every agreement thorough, and your interests well-protected.

Advising Nonprofits
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Empower your mission with our advisory services for nonprofit organizations. We understand the unique legal, financial, and operational challenges nonprofits encounter. Our insightful advice guides you through these complexities, facilitating compliance, fostering growth, and amplifying your positive impact.

Business Litigation
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Protect your business with our unique business litigation services. From contract disputes to business torts, we robustly represent your interests in all legal disputes. Our strategic planning, thorough preparation, and unwavering advocacy aim to defend your business and secure favorable outcomes.

When starting a small business, I didn’t know where to start and Zach took the reins and made the process so easy! He walked me and my business partner through everything, answering all of our questions quickly and guiding us every step of the way  to ensure our business was set up properly. Zach is professional, timely and knowledgeable in all areas, I have learned so much by working with him. He did such an amazing job in our business formation that he now handles our business taxes. Can’t recommend enough!
Rebekah Arredondo

Rebekah Arredondo

Small Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Clearing Your Doubts, Boosting Your Confidence

Get instant answers to common queries about our services.

How does your fee structure work?

At Provident Legal Counsel, our fee structure operates primarily on competitive rates and fixed fees for specific services like federal taxes, business planning, and estate planning. This approach provides several benefits to you:

  • Predictability: You'll know upfront the cost of the legal services required. There are no surprise bills or hidden fees - just straightforward, competitive pricing.
  • Budget-friendly: With fixed fees for designated services, you can budget accurately and evade unforeseen expenses.
  • Focus on quality: Our fee structure permits us to concentrate on delivering you top-notch service without hourly billing constraints.

Our commitment is to offer transparent and fair pricing without compromising the excellence of our service.

How can you help me minimize my federal tax liability?

At PLC, focus on strategic tax planning to help reduce your federal tax burden. We can analyze your unique financial situation and implement effective tax-saving strategies.

Ready to start saving? Schedule a consultation with us now.

What does your business planning service include?

Our comprehensive business planning services include entity formation, contract drafting, partnership agreements, and much more. We aim to safeguard your business from potential legal hurdles.

If you're ready to protect and grow your business, schedule a consultation today.

How can PLC assist me with estate planning?

PLC can help you make sure that your loved ones are taken care of after you're gone. We provide personalized estate planning, which includes wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and more.

Get started on securing your family's future by scheduling a consultation.

What makes PLC different from other law firms?

PLC operates on strong Christian values and prioritizes the needs of our clients. We focus in federal tax law, business planning, and estate planning to protect you, your family, and your assets.

Experience our personalized and attentive service by scheduling a consultation.

What can I expect from my initial consultation with PLC?

During your initial consultation, we will discuss your unique needs and situation. We will provide an overview of how our services can help meet your goals. This is not a high-pressure sales call.

Ready to experience the PLC difference? Schedule your initial consultation now.

Still Have questions or Concerns?

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